We build cloud-native applications running on Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure or your private cloud.


Your development, deployment and operations experience can be pushed to a whole new level wiht our help.


Ever heard of Kubernetes? We love it and support you introducing it, no matter if it's public cloud and private cloud.

Cloud Applications

"Applications are no monoliths. They are: modular, distributed, asynchronous, fault-tolerant and event-driven compositions of domain-specific logic." – Christoph Bastuck

Whatever you plan – starting off to new endeavors, adding new features to legacy application or migrating your infrastructure – we support you with the right tools and knowledge to make your project successful. By leveraging compute, storage, communication and monitoring infrastructure of the cloud, you are able to effortlessly scale on demand. With our knowledge of the full stack – from infrastructure and backend to frontend – we are able to provide a holistic, robust and performant solution.


"DevOps is not a goal, but a never-ending process of continual improvement" – Jez Humble

We believe that moving fast is extremely important when developing software. We provide consulting for optimizing your business process and organizational structure as well as improving your development and deployment processes via CI/CD and lots of automation.

Docker & Kubernetes

Take back control of your infrastructure again.

We have seen many different tools and technologies when it comes to deploying and operating distributed applications, but none captivated us like Kubernetes does. It provides a comparatively simple common interface for a variety of complex tasks. The adoption of basically all providers, including the big three – Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure – proves us right. With many projects using Kubernetes in production, we can help you building your infrastructure – on-premise or in the cloud.

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